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At, we are a digital agency specializing in Shopify and Wix website design and development. We provide a full and thorough setup and integration for startups with Google Merchant Centre, Google Ads, Facebook, and Klaviyo marketing integration, Sage integration with Shopify, so they can stay on top of their finances. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering top-quality digital solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. Click here to learn more about our services and how we can help your business grow.

Founder Ray Carolan

"It is key that there is a service out there for startups that can break the entry barrier to getting online and selling, this is what we do, with the addition of mentorship along the way"

Ray has been there, in the shoes of a startup and can relate and understand the barriers of getting online. It is not straightforward. But our mission is to make it straight forward. Ray has setup multiple Ecommerce businesses and scaled them effectively. With over 25 years experience in the Digital Design, Web Design and Digital Marketing world, he knows what it takes to get online affectively and quickly.

'What we do is we take the overwhelm away from the customer We identify the basics of what the client needs to get their website live and we strip back all the unnecessary dribble that we see way too often." 

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Jenny Ashe, Bluebird activewear

"Ray and team took the overwhelme out of this project for us. We didn't know what exactly we needed to get selling online and some of the quotes we recieved had so much work reliant on us. What webfizz did was sit with us and whittle it down to simplify the site and process and helped us see through the over complexities we were been sold.  From the ground up we got everything we needed and in a calm reassuring manner, the project went brilliantly and we can't recommend enough"

Start Today!

Are you unsure of which direction to go with your ecommerce website? Have you recieved mixed messaging and overly complex proposals?

Then you should book a call with Ray and he can delve through things and identify the best way forward.

We aim to simplify ecommerce and website design.

Let's have a chat.

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